Sports Team Photos

Sports Club Photos


– We cover Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland down to the Hawkes Bay and Taranaki

– Our goal is to make your team photo day/evening as easy as possible, by having the goal of compiling everything on the day.

– We make it fun, affordable and have a good reputation for keeping on time

– We have a quick 2 to 3 week turnaround of photos

– For bigger clubs we can look after the sales side of things also

– And best of all the club makes something from it too

Club Benefits:
Along with a team photograph from every team been supplied to the club at no charge, your club will also receive $1.00 from every order placed.*

Smooth Running Photo Day/Evening:

We come to your club armed with everything. Background, chairs, stands, lights, printer and of course a camera! As we take the photographs we also print the team photo on to a naming sheet for the team manager to fill in on the spot.
As our goal is to get the photos back to you fast, we like to have the orders and money paid on the day/evening. We have EFTPOS available 
By doing this we are able to go away with all the information required, in turn being able to get the ordered photographs back to you in the quickest possible time.

Download the Club Photo Flyer here to take to your next committee meeting:

Sports Club Photos 2016 – Shot360

* Minimum Order Required

Check out the team photo options below

Standard Team Photo Option:

A4 Team Photograph Mounted on Photo Grade Laminate – $15.00

Shot360 Sports Team Photos 10

This is a option that the junior clubs like, where you get the team photo and a portrait all on one photo.

A4 Team/Personal Photograph Mounted on Photo Grade Laminate – $20.00

Shot360 Sports Team Photos 11

Junior Rugby and Football Clubs can go with both of the above options.

We can provide a order form or envelope with both options and the parents can choose.

Here’s a option that is mainly used for Senior Rugby

11×14 Photograph Mounted on Display Card – $25.00

If your looking for something a little different, how about a modern ‘cut out’ style team photo

‘Cut Out Style’ A4 Team Photograph Mounted on Photo Grade Laminate – $20.00

Or how about this, a double sided team photo. Standard photo on the front with a ‘FUN’ photo on the back. This style is very popular with netball clubs

‘Double Sided’ (Standard photo on the front with fun shot on the back)  A4 Team Photograph Mounted on Photo Grade Laminate – $20.00

A standard portrait pack is also available:

Portrait Pack (7 Photos) Includes: 4x 6×4 Photos, 3x 6×9 Photos – $25.00

Tips for Managers and Coaches:

– No Boots (Rugby, Football and Rugby League)
– Shoes and Socks (Netball)
– Team in height order Tallest to shortest
– Jerseys are all either all out or tucked in
– Socks are pulled up to just below the knee (Rugby, Football and Rugby League)
– Collars are tidy
– Cord from Shorts is not visible
– Bring along a team name list to help with
naming the team photo after the team photo is taken the photographer will print a sample
photo onto a naming sheet for the manager to name before they leave.

Download the Tips for Managers here: Tips For Managers